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New website promotes initiative to protect Buffalo’s back-side

By American Cancer Society, Blue Hope Hard Hat Initiative, Buffalo, Colon Cancer Alliance, Colon Cancer Awareness, hard hat, National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, New York

Welcome to the new website for the Blue Hope Hard Hat Initiative!

This website was created to build awareness for Colorectal Cancer and the preventable measures that can stop it. Colorectal Cancer is a prevalent but treatable disease when found through screening. Regular screening for Colorectal Cancer can reduce the number of people who die from this disease by 30%.

The various tones of blue incorporated in the website design appropriately aligns alongside the Blue Hope Hard Hat initiative and the Colon Cancer Alliance brand. During the month of March, participants will wear their branded Blue Hope Hard Hats on jobsites around Buffalo and make use of new toolbox talks covering colorectal health and screenings at jobsite meetings.

The hashtag #protectyourass will serve as the primary marketing phrase, allowing seamless integration of the initiative across countless social and traditional platforms.

The hard hats will be provided at cost with an estimated $10/hat price.  The more these are seen on our local job sites the more we can raise awareness. Participating companies will be provided with an 80% by 2018 pledge and resources to promote cancer screen-friendly workplace policies.

We hope to spark conversation and levity around a serious topic to reduce the stigma and encourage more people to get tested.

The initiative is supported by the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, Colon Cancer Alliance and American Cancer Society.